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Types of Raw Materials
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ltem Thickness (mm) SQM2 (g/㎡) Moisture regain (%) Air-permeability (L/ms) Clo (clo) Warmth  retention ratio (%) Heat transfer coefficient (w/m℃)
Feather down 8.7 200.0 2.5 2304 7.583 90.20 1.102
Wool 5.65 153.9 12.92 2554 6.752 92.5 0.6
Camel wool 2.97 150.6 13.01 2698 7.168 89.2 0.9
Camel Hair 3.19 109.0 9.21 2656 6.451 88.7 1.0
Cotton 4.18 133.2 7.36 1578 1.433 66.5 4.5

Obviously,with reference to tabular data, the best thermal material is feather down, second camel wool,third will come to wool, camel hair and cotton.

What is feather down?

Feather down is generally refer to duck feather down and goose feather down. lt grows on the abdomen of duck and goose. Parts look like reed flower, we call it down, parts are in flake, we call it feather.

Feather down is the best environmental natural material in the world.
Received the pre-washed raw feather down from slaughter house, feather down factories will start to the completely procession to get the best feather down.The flowchart is:
raw material → crude separation → dusting → washing → airing → drying → coolingfine → sparation → packing.

After fully washed and separated, we get the pure and clean down feather, with big down cluster and better fill power, the feather down can keep us more warmer.


● Feather down is natural.
● Feather down is with low flammability.
● Feather down can reduce energy consumption.
● Feather downis sustainable.
● Feather down is with strong resilience and high fill power.
● Feather down is breathable and hygroscopic.



What's the difference between down and feather?

All of Our down & feather raw materials comes from large slaughterhouses.And the down and feathers are further separated only after being washed, high-temperature disinfected and dried.Usually, down is used for duvets, sleeping bags, clothing and other products that pursue high thermal performance. Feathers are used in pillows, sofa cushions, mattresses and other products.

Is goose down better than duck down?

The down quality is chiefly determined by its indicators like down content,fill power, cleanliness etc. It is not exactly correlative to the variety of down.





Are your products hypoallergenic?

Yes. Our down and feathers are all sterilized through high temperature treatment,also the fabrics are certified by OEKO-TEX.

What is the fluffiness of down?

The down fluffiness is displayed by fill power. The higher the fill power is, the superior the down quality will be . The fluffiness of down is associated with the down content, cleanliness, and dry humidity.



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