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  • How to select the right sleeping bag?


    Sleeping bags have become a necessity for outdoor activities. How to choose the right sleeping bag confuses many outdoor enthusiasts, please check the following detailed instructions on sleeping bag temperature. Read More

  • The development history of down sleeping bags


    The demand for outdoor equipment has begun to rise, and down sleeping bags have become a must-have equipment for outdoor camping and are widely used and spread. Read More



    The thermal principle of sleeping bag is just like clothes,the sleeping bag can better lock the heat emitted from the body,this will produce a layer of warmth insulation which can make the body inside feel warm. Read More

  • The difference between duvet and feather quilt


    The main difference between duvet and feather quilt is majorly the percentage of down and feather. Below we will analyze the difference between down and feather in multiple angles. Read More

  • How to import duvets from China


    Importing duvets from China requires procedures such as procurement, product procurement, Issues concerning transportation and customs clearance, and Arrange receipt and transportation. Read More

  • how much do duvets cost?


    The price range of duvets is relatively large. Don't blindly seek bargains or neglect the quality of duvets, otherwise, the unnecessary improper manufacturing may cause physical damage. Read More

  • How to use the duvet?


    How to use duvet?Duvet is a very ideal bedding product which can applies in all seasons,it makes you feel cool in summer and warm in winter.so how can we use duvet in a appropriate way? 1)Always use the duvet along with a fabric cover,by this way we can take off the cover to wash any time we want.In Read More

  • How do you wash a duvet?


    How do you wash a duvet? The duvet is usually used together with a cover,and you only need to wash the cover at a regular intervals to extend its usage life as well as keeping the quilt insert clean.what if the duvet insert really get smudged and need to be cleaned.please keep in mind,must use hand Read More

  • What duvet cover should I buy?


    What duvet cover should I buy? Read More

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