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how much do duvets cost?
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how much do duvets cost?

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The duvet cost is based on three factors: down, fabrics and processing fees, and their rate differs greatly in different sizes, fabrics and filling weight. In addition, the prices of duvets vary due to different brands. For household use, we recommend you to choose a duvet of the price from 150 $ to 300 $.

Below is a brief understanding of the duvet rate:

  1. Price ranges from 70 to 150 US dollars/piece:

    This is the lowest price of down comforter in the market, usually filled with 70% duck down, some even less. It is not recommended to buy duvets with less than 70% down-filled, because they are probably filled with inferior feathers & down.

  2. Price between from 150 to 300 US dollars/piece:

    The price of down duvets is between 150 and 300 US dollars/piece. Duvets in this price range are the most common in the market and are also well accepted by consumers. You'd better choose a duvet with 80%/90% fine duck down or 70%/80% goose down. The fabric is generally 40s or 60s pure cotton lint-proof fabric.

  3. Price between from 300 to 450 US dollars/piece:

    The price of the duvet is between 300 and 450 US dollars per strip. It is generally filled with the white goose down, with a down content of 90% or 95%. The fabric generally uses 80s pure cotton satin fabric.

  4. For the duvet of the price above 450 dollars, the filling is generally more than 95% of fine goose down, the fabric is generally more than 100 fabrics, and the production will also be very delicate and beautiful.

In conclusion, the price range of duvets is relatively large. Consumers must select carefully. Don't blindly seek bargains or neglect the quality of duvets, otherwise, the unnecessary improper manufacturing may cause physical damage.

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