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Which is the best down duvet to buy? a goose down or a duck down?
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Which is the best down duvet to buy? a goose down or a duck down?

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What is down material? How to understand the information displayed on the duvet's label?

Down refers to the down feathers that grow on the abdomen and back of poultry, especially the feathers of ducks and geese that have been processed, and are often used to make products like duvets, down jackets, down sleeping bags etc.

The down content labeled on the duvet refers to the ratio of down and feathers. For example, 90/10 white goose down,it means 90% white goose down and 10% white goose feathers.

One of the most important indicators is to measure the filling power. The higher the filling power, the superior the quality of the down and the stronger the thermal effect.


Duck Down Duvet vs Goose Down Duvet

China has the world's largest breeding base of goose and duck,also is the country that exports the most goose & duck down, accounting for about 75% of the world's total. Due to the difference in types and colors, the down produced can also be divided into many varieties,such as white goose down, gray goose down, white duck down and gray duck down. First of all, it is stated that the quality of down has nothing to do with its color, but only related to the factors of the down itself, like cleanliness, bulkiness, residual value rate, etc. 

duck breeding base

Duck down and goose down have their own advantages and disadvantages:

  1. Odor

    Duck is an omnivorous animal,it feeds on fodder,insects, fish & shrimp etc, because their food contains more fat, its fat content of duck down is relatively high, which resulting a normal fishy smell in duck down. While goose is a Herbivorous animal, usually feeds on weeds and aquatic plants, thus goose down contains less fat and little smell.

  2. Output

    The breeding time of ducks is comparatively short, but the geese breeding time is usually twice or more than that of ducks, so the output of duck down is more than that of goose down.

  3. Water resistance

    Duck down is rich in grease that can produce a good protective coating which can maintain a good filling power after being washed many times. Therefore, the water resistance of duck down is higher than that of goose down.

So when selecting the duvet filling, we should choose the down from adult duck & goose, because its down contains less fat and with larger and full flower, higher filling power, which can be used to make premium duvet.

down quilt

Does the animal down in cold environments is better than that of in warmer environments?

Generally speaking,the poultry in cold region can grow the down with more fullness and higher bulkiness.

Which is the best down duvet to buy? a goose one or a duck one?

Due to its performance of lightsome and warm keeping, duvets are more popular in winters,so how to buy a quality duvet? The following methods may work:

  1. By hand touching

    When buying a duvet, you can check its hand feeling by carefully touch it with your own hands, a premium duvet is very much soft in its hand feeling.

  2. Smell

    You can also grab the duvet and sniff it closely. Usually,the down of a superior duvet is barely odorless, for it has been treated,washed & sterilized in a complex process.

  3. Flap

    You can check by hand flapping,a inferior duvet will produce a lot of stive and flying silk, because its shell fabric has a poor property of down proof.

  4. Fold the duvet to press

    The premium duvet is stuffed with clean and highly fill powered down,light,thermal and has a strong sense of fill power. We can feel the strong fill power when folding the duvet,and it can recover to its previous shape easily after you loose it up.

    Duvet quality is not concerning too much with the stuffing of duck & goose down or its natural color.we all can manufacture superior duvet as long as the filling is clean and highly fill powered.

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