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What duvet cover should I buy?
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What duvet cover should I buy?

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The duvet fabric is not necessarily to be waterproof, but it must be down proof and breathable. Common duvet fabrics include pure cotton anti-flannel fabric, silk-cotton blended fabric, nylon coated fabric etc. The pure cotton cloth is specially treated, which can better avoid down leaking and is comparatively economical. the nylon plastic-coated cloth has a firm texture, good warmth retention but poor air permeability. Presently, the pure cotton fabric has been mostly utilized in domestic and abroad markets, because it has been specially treated on the basis of high-density pure cotton fabric.

The duvet usually have indications of its fabric, such as the 40s, 60s, 80s, 100s etc., or even higher. This "S" is the concept of "Denier", and 40S is also called 40 deniers, which is used for textile fabrics. The specification of cotton yarn is the number of yarns with a length of one meter that can be spun from one pound of cotton. Therefore, it can be simply understood that the larger the count, the thinner the yarn and the thinner the fabric spun, and of course the price will be higher.

40S fabric is the most popular one in the market. Apart from its economic character, another important factor is its relatively thick fabric which has the best performance of down proof after being specially treated. It can be abrasion-resistant, anti-fleece, and breathable, with all these properties mingled together, the duvet life span can reach as much as 30 years. Our company has a fixed duvet fabric cooperative factory whose fabric is certified by OEKO-TEX and can produce fabric counts from 40 to 150 or even higher.

In addition, when choosing a duvet, you must pay close attention to the fabric to avoid obvious defects and skip yarns, and the stitches of the seam should not be too thin (generally, the stitch length is 12 to 15 stitches within 1 cm), otherwise it is easy to cause down distraction.

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