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The difference between duvet and feather quilt
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The difference between duvet and feather quilt

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In accordance with the down percentage in the quilt filling, the duvet is usually divided into down comforters and feather comforters.

Based on the strict regulations of the down industry, only quilts with a down content of more than 50% can be called duvets, and the one which is below 50% can only be regarded as a feather quilt.

The main difference between duvet and feather quilt is majorly the percentage of down and feather. Below we will analyze the difference between down and feather in multiple angles.

1. Down and feathers are grown in different parts

Down is a flower-shaped that grows on the abdomen of ducks or geese which includes down, immature down, similar down and damaged down. An adult bird has only about 20g of down, and the rest are feathers, that is the reason why it is so valuable.

While Feathers are light, tough, flexible, and water-repellent sheet-like objects covering the bodies of ducks and gooses.

2. Down and feathers differs in function

If Observed under a thousand-fold microscope, you can see that in the down there are thousands of small triangular pores on the velvet flower, which can shrink and expand with temperature changes, produce a temperature adjustment function, and thus have a thermal insulation effect. Therefore, down is generally used to fill sleeping bags, Duvet and other products, making the most use of the lightness and warmth of down.


According to its lengths, Feathers can be divided into 2-4cm feathers, 4-6cm feathers, 6-8cm feathers and feathers over 8cm. Normally, the shorter the feather length, the better the softness, the better the elasticity and the hand feel. In the processing of feather products, 2~6cm feathers are usually used to fill pillows, mattresses and feather quilts, 6-8cm feathers can be used to make sofas, and 8cm feathers are generally used for crafts. It is obvious that the reason why feathers are used to make bedding spread is mainly based on its softness, toughness and slow rebound characteristics of feathers.

3. Comparisons in comfort, softness and feel

The shafts and roots on the feathers are thicker, and the comfort is poor, so its hand feel is poor. The feather shafts and roots on the down are finer, so the comfort and hand feel is very good.

From the above analysis of the characteristics of down and feathers, it can be acknowledged that down is suitable for quilts, but feathers are actually only suitable for pillows and mattresses. Therefore, if buyers want to buy quality duvets, it is recommended to choose higher down content. one, not feather one.

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