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How to use the duvet?
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How to use the duvet?

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Duvet is a very ideal bedding product which can applies in all seasons, it makes you feel cool in summer and warm in winter.

So how can we use duvet in a appropriate way? 

  1. Always use the duvet along with a fabric cover, by this way we can take off the cover to wash any time we want. In case you may damage the fabric down proof performance, don’t directly use water to wash the duvet insert. 

  2. In cold winter,We usually use duvet together with a blanket to make it comforter and warmer, but the blanket does not need to be very heavy, otherwise it may weaken duvet’s fill power and thermal property.

  3. If the phenomenon of down migration shows up,you can gently pat the duvet to make it flat.

  4. We recommend to air cure the duvet every three months, this can increase its properties of fill power and resilience,get rid of moisture and improve its thermal insulation.

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