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How to import duvets from China
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How to import duvets from China

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As the chief exporter of the duvet, China contributes a huge amount of duvet & other down products exportation to the world each year. Duvet’s HS code is 9404901090, which belongs to ordinary goods in textiles. Its import and export do not require any special documents, only need the exporter to provide the packing list, invoice and certificate of origin to complete the import procedures.

Below is a brief recommendation of how to import superior duvets from China(four steps).

1. Sourcing

The first step is to successfully import the appropriate products. This is much more difficult than simply choosing the cheapest ones. Choosing a cost-effective product requires a lot of time to find suppliers. In addition to considering the quality and Price, we also need to consider the market demand, pricing, sales channels etc. of the product in the domestic market. If we are familiar with the Chinese market, we can directly find some factories to negotiate, but if we don’t understand the Chinese market, then we can use Google and some B2B platforms to enter the product keyword Duvet to find suppliers. We can finalize the most suitable one via comparisons of more suppliers.


2. Products Procurement

After the product negotiation is done, we need to sign a contract with the supplier. The contract should include the payment terms, packaging requirements, transportation methods and other details. If authorized to import and export, you can directly process the deposit (USD) to the Chinese supplier, But if you do not own a company, or your company does not have import and export rights, then you can choose a company with import and export rights in your native country as a paying agent. If you choose this mode, the subsequent final payment, customs clearance, and transportation can be all operated by your agent. You only need to pay the agency fee. Of course, you can also directly authorize the Chinese supplier to handle it. many suppliers can resolve these problems at home. You can just stay at your house and wait for the delivery.

Products Procurement

3. Issues concerning transportation and customs clearance

Generally, if we consider long-term imports or save import costs, we will resort to an international logistics agent to consult on the cost as well as some customs clearance documents, tariff issues, HS codes etc., Of course, if we don’t want to be so troublesome, we can also directly hand over these matters to the supplier, and we just wait for the receipt of the goods.

Issues concerning transportation and customs clearance

4. Arrange receipt and transportation

After the customs clearance procedures, the goods will be transferred to you. We need to contact a commercial logistics company to ship your goods to your designated warehouse. In this step, we can also ask our freight forwarder to help.

Arrange receipt and transportation

Though it is very easy to import goods from China, we still need to be cautious of the reminders as below listed:  

  • After signing the contract, please do not pay in full for your own residence, we only need to pay a certain percentage of the deposit

  • When choosing a supplier, do not choose the one with the cheapest quotation. It is the eternal truth that cheap goods are not good.

  • You can consult Chinese suppliers if you encounter any problems, they can help you solve all problems.

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