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How do you wash a duvet?
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How do you wash a duvet?

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The duvet is usually used together with a cover, and you only need to wash the cover at a regular intervals to extend its usage life as well as  keeping the quilt insert clean. What if the duvet insert really get smudged and need to be cleaned. Please keep in mind,must use hand washing and do not drop into washing machine or use dry cleaning. 

Cleaning method

  1. Completely drench the duvet with 30 degrees Celsius water, and then wring it dry.

  2. Soak the duvet into 50 degrees Celsius soap water for 10 minutes, and then take the duvet out and place it on a board to flatten it.

  3. Use a mild detergent and gently clean the dirty area with a soft brush. If it is stained with grease, you can sprinkle a little bit of caustic soda.

  4. After brushing, be sure to wash off the soap stains with clean water. Do not leave a large amount of soap liquid in the quilt, otherwise it will affect duvet’s fill power.

  5. After the water cleaning,wring out and flatten the duvet, and then leave it to dry.


  1. Don’t scrub, otherwise it will destroy the down-proof technology and the down may run off.

  2. Must use mild detergent.

  3. Do not use wash machine, dry cleaning or iron, dry after washing. Generally speaking, it is only to clean the quilt cover or partially scrub the quilt. It is not recommended to wash the duvet directly unless it is necessary.

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