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How can I stop the feathers from escaping from my duvet and pillows?
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How can I stop the feathers from escaping from my duvet and pillows?

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In accordance with international standards, we call a quilt which is filled with 50% more down as a duvet, and that with 50% less down filling as a feather quilt.


To prevent down and feathers from escaping from quilts and pillows, pillows and duvets must have the following characteristics:

High quality outer fabric

Duvet’s quality is determined by its grade of down filling as well as its outer fabric. and in any circumstance the phenomenon of down distraction is very much unacceptable, that would be a disaster, nobody will be happy finding themself covered with down every morning they wake up.

Treated with anti-fleece technology

From a professional point of view, duvets "runs off" indicating that its down resistance is not good enough. There are many criterion to weigh on the duvet quality, such as air permeability, warmth retention, and down resistance. Undoubtedly, down resistance is the most basic criterion for judging the duvets quality. Duvets’ down proof is straightly related to its fabric which must be treated with anti-fleece technology, one of the methods is to painting one layer of down proof agent to achieve an ideal down proof effect.  

sewing craft

Sewing craft

The sewing craft matters as well as the quality of down proof fabrics, usually the down products’ stitch length is strictly regulated and not less than 12 stitches within 1cm. Most factories use 12-15 stitches within 1cm. The thickness of the needle is also very important. Generally, the imported 7-gauge or 9-gauge needle is used. It is not advisable to use a thicker needle, otherwise, the down will come out of the stitch.

Superior needlework

Employing the premium fabric together with strict sewing technology and superior needlework, the down products will never generate a runaway phenomenon even it is 100% down filled. Duvets are the most popular warm bedding products in winter, and its quality and be assured as long as you buy from a formal factory. Our factory has specialized in producing duvets for 15 years and have a strong guarantee in its quality.

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